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Leave it to the CW to create another show that gets pre-teens swooning, critics talking, and some people watching.  A spin-off from “Beverly Hills, 90210”, this version follows the Wilson family as they move from Kansas to Beverly Hills and adjust to life in the big city.  Annie Wilson and her adopted brother, Dixon, start out at West Beverly Hills High and face the troubles of the average teen, only with a father for a principal. 

Annie and Dixon are likeable characters, but they cut like a perfect gingerbread cookie.  With perennial smiles and a bounce in their step, they automatically adjust to their new lives with friends, love interests, and stylish wardrobe.  Making friends comes a little too easy, contrary to the suggest premise.  A Kansas-bred, black adopted child is just the ticket for social leprosy, but Dixon seems to fit right in.  Annie is somehow instantly popular, befriending not only Naomi, the blonde queen bee, but also the dark, reclusive Silver.    

The parents on the show, unlike the oh-so-charming Sandy Cohen on “The O.C.”, do nothing but strut around smiling at each other, their kids, and the eccentric grandmother.  That’s a lot of happy.  They make liberal parenting decisions on an equal and supportive basis, and they encourage their kids to take the moral high ground.  It’s not hard to like these parents, but it’s hard to care.  

The only redeeming character of the show may be Adrianna.  Her storyline follows her conquering drug abuse, pregnancy, and a crazy mother.  She may not be your usual high school teen, but at least there’s some semblance of character development and commitment.  Few moments in the show come close to the closing scene of “Help Me, Rhonda” when Adrianna walks the halls holding her head high after announcing to the whole school she was pregnant.  Now that’s woman power. 

The show appears to be hesitant on taking risks with their storylines.  Plotlines are dropped almost as quickly as they are introduced, with undercover cops having short-lived affairs with teachers and long lost fake sons appearing to take some money and run.  The stories may be hot and edgy, but unfortunately breaths aren’t held long before it’s replaced by another halfhearted scenario. 

“90210” is an entertaining, albeit substandard show that misses the mark with undeveloped characters and unfaithful plotlines.

Written By: Tiffany Wong, Journalist

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