Bad economy affecting your beauty budget?
Don’t despair.
You may not be able to visit a luxe spa for your favorite facial, but you can certainly pamper your skin in the comfort of your own home. Whip up each of these easy and inexpensive mask mixtures in your kitchen, most with ingredients you have around the house.
Milk Me Beautiful– Oily Acne Prone Skin
Milk of Magnesia absorbs impurities and disinfects even better than clay. Paula Begoun made this simple mask popular in her book, ‘The Beauty Bible.’
-1 bottle Milk of Magnesia
Apply Milk of Magnesia to face.
After letting set for 10-15 minutes, wash with cool washcloth.
Honey Banana Beauty—Oily Skin
A soothing mask to reduce redness, tighten pores, and minimize shine.
1 ripe banana
1 tbsp. of honey
An orange or a lemon
Mix banana and honey, add several drops of fresh squeezed orange or lemon juice.
Apply to face for 15 minutes, then rinse with a steaming warm washcloth.
Indian Goddess Brightener—For Brighter Skin

1 tablespoon of turmeric powder
1 cup of plain yogurt
Mix the turmeric and yogurt and spread on face. Leave for 5-10 minutes, then rinse off.
Dairy Soft—To Soften Dry Skin
1 tsp. powdered milk
1 tbsp. runny honey
1 tsp. aloe vera gel
2 drops essential oil
Mix ingredients well, apply to face for 15 minutes, then wash off with warm water.
Kitty Litter—For the Beauty Daredevil
I’ll admit this one scares me just a little bit. Cat litter? On your face? Beauty junkies swear by it; cat litter is made of the same ingredients as special clays found in $100 spa facials.
1 bag cat litter (must be marked 100 percent natural clay)
Drops of your favorite essential oil
Mix 2 tbsp. of cat litter with water and oil, apply mask to face, wash off after 15 minutes.
Multiply the ingredients in these masks and enjoy a Thrifty Beauty Girls Night In for under $10!
Written by: Tracey,
PERFECT SKIN! Is it possible?

I am on a quest. An impossible quest for perfect skin. So it’s no wonder that when I was strolling through the grocery store last week and saw pills that claimed to clear up your zits, I did a double take. Nature’s Cure Two-Part Acne System. One part is your standard Benzoyl Peroxide, but part two is an internal homeopathic acne tablet. It claims to stimulate your body’s natural defenses to correct imbalances caused by diet, stress, and hormonal changes. The pills contain things like walnut, wild rosemary, and Echinacea. But can you really improve your skin from within? “There is a lot of important new research showing tremendous power of antioxidants in general, and in some specific nutrients in particular that can make an important difference in the way your skin looks and feels,” says nutritional supplement expert Mary Sullivan, RN, co-founder of Olympian Labs. So what vitamins can you take that will help your skin look its best?

Check out this list:

Vitamin B: The most important B vitamin is biotin, a nutrient that forms the basis of skin, nail, and hair cells. You can get plenty through diet alone if you include bananas, eggs, oatmeal, and rice.

Vitamin A: Necessary for the maintenance and repair of skin tissues, fruits and vegetables are full of this vitamin. Make sure you get enough or your complexion will get dry and flaky.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E: Crucial for preventing consequences of sun exposure. You can take supplements, but also focus on citrus fruits and veggies like peppers, broccoli, and leafy greens. For E, eat vegetable oils, nuts, seeds, and olives. Stay with 400 international units if you choose to take a supplement.
Here’s to clearer skin!


Written by Tracey,

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